Confession (I dream to have a dream) by Andy Picci


Ever since social media sprang up, society has been torn between an unconscious desire for exhibition and even voyeurism on the one hand, and concerns around privacy and the treatment of personal data on the other. This leads to a contradictory response: what is private is made public in order to seek validation, yet the user is unable to voice their feelings. For this series of sky lettering, Picci showcases confessions that unknown people shared with him via direct messages on Instagram.

By taking these intimate thoughts and publishing them as giant sky messages for everyone to see, Picci evokes compassion and offers mental support for those experiencing loneliness.

The liquid look of the letters references the book LIQUID MODERNITY by Zygmunt Bauman, in which the concept of liquid society replaces that of postmodernity. In a liquid society, as opposed to a solid society, structures of the common organisation are created collectively. Social status, identity and achievement are defined only in terms of individual choice and can vary, fluctuating rapidly in line with demand for flexibility. Picci defines social relations as becoming increasingly intangible in today’s society, citing love and feelings as evidence of the impalpability of relationships.


Title: Andy Picci
Artist(s): Andy Picci